About Us

Thank you for visiting Mid South Mustang Club (MSMC) website. This is a short history on how MSMC started and what you might be in for when you decide to join the most active Mustang Club around. MSMC started in March of 2008 with four guys who had an idea; sat down and talked about what they wanted out of a Mustang Club, we had all been members of other clubs, but were not satisfied with what we had gotten out of them and decided to give it a shot at starting up a new club. We as a Mustang Club have made enormous strides in a short time and have accomplished something no other club has in the Memphis area has. MSMC accepts Mustangs of every generation or model; old or new, concourse or modified.

Starting late March of 2008, we grew quickly by the end of 2008 we had 37 families as members of the club and on September 12th 2009 after a six month application process, we were voted by Mustang Club of America (MCA) to be chartered as a Regional Club of the National Club. At that time, we had a total of 96 families as members with 60 percent plus of those members being MCA members. It is our responsibility that MSMC keep its MCA membership percentage up and keep MSMC in good standings. This enables to receive full benefits offered by Mustang Club of America.  As members of MCA, you receive benefits such as the monthly Mustang Times Magazine, access to the Ford X-Plan and other discounts. In addition, you receive discounts from our sponsors and vendors.

Give MSMC and MCA a test drive; join and get involved within the club and frequent the events; that is the only way you will build relationships with the other members and reap the benefits of your membership. We are a very active club and we usually have members in groups going to shows or events every weekend in warmer months. “You will only get out of the club what you put into it” and what that means is; you can only enjoy something unless you get involved. So let’s get going and get involved in the best Mustang Club around. You can Register on-line or download the Application and mail it with a check to 8203 Blue Lagoon Drive, Arlington, TN 38002, join at a show, event, or join at a meeting.

We have a monthly meeting the last Tuesday of every month at Fox Ridge Pizza located in Cordova at Germantown Parkway and Dexter Road at 7:00 PM.

Russell Duvall

President: Mid South Mustang Club so182@aol.com